Android Casino Pokies Australia

The Android mobile operating system is the most popular operating system used in mobile touch screen phones such as smart phones and tablet computers since 2012. A survey conducted during 2018 revealed that over 71% of mobile devices are developed for this operating system. The operating system is based on the Linux kernel and is currently developed by Google. The user interface is based on direct manipulation which loosely corresponds with human actions such as tapping, swiping, pinching and reverse pinching to manipulate on screen objects. It also includes a virtual keyboard where an operator can just touch the letters of the alphabet displayed on the screen in order to type. Playing pokies on your Android device therefore is a lot of fun as you can simply tap your screen to bet and spin your game!

The developers initially established this unique operating system for use in digital cameras. They realised the market for software specifically for digital cameras is relatively small. They also realised that the concept they developed of manipulating objects to increase the functionality of touch screen devices would greatly enhance mobile devices and therefore set out to change this operating system to be used in smart phones, tablets and similar devices. With the release of the Android operating system for mobile devices, the world leaders in device manufacturing and development realised the possibilities and advantages this operating system could afford their devices and designed a new based on this new operating system. With this, applications such as mobile casinos became even more popular, especially since it enabled pokies fans to play wherever and whenever they felt like it, without losing the real gaming experience!

Android Online Pokies Australia

Slots machines very quickly became known as pokies in Australia as the popularity of the game grew. This game is ideal for people who love brightly coloured fast paced fun that features big returns and requires little to no skill or strategy. The leaders in online casino software like Microgaming and Top software developers such as Playtech and Microgaming have developed Android software applications especially for pokies lovers to enable them to play their favourite games whenever and wherever they wish to play.

Mobile Android Casino

All the worthwhile Australian online casinos ensured to accommodate their customers by providing pokies software applications for all devices. It is quick and easy to register an account with an online casino. Simply select a casino which meets your requirements, including the option to play in your own currency, quick financial transaction times, a good reputation, brilliant customer care options and a wide variety of pokies games available to you. Then you can go select the pokies you wish to play simply by opting for the Android compatible download or in-browser option. In just a few seconds you’ll be enjoyed top class entertainment on the go.

Android Online Casino Australia

Your mobile device can easily become your portable casino! It’s convenient that you can play whenever it suits you as most people always carry their mobile devices with them wherever they go and the operating system is the most popular one on the market today! Australian pokies fans will enjoy the benefit and convenience of always having their favourite games in their pockets! Online casinos all have pokies software applications available on their websites for Australian Android mobile device owners. Take advantage of these benefits and play your favourite pokies game whenever and wherever it suits you!