Use the best payment processor to play your favourite pokies game and more!

POLi is a digital payment method that has been tailor made for Australian players. Not just for online casino gaming but for other sites too! Owned and run by Centricom it has been situated in Melbourne since 2006 and is used for payments in Australia and New Zealand! The fact that the service is so fast is its number one attraction factor and is the main reason why it is so popular. Another reason is the fact that it operates on local currency and losing money through exchange rates or conversions is a thing of the past! The entire premise for POLi is the use of a voucher based system which is also the key factor in its speed. You have instant access to your favourite online pokies game without the need to expose your personal information. It is the closest thing to a guarantee that you can get in gambling.

No registration hassles or woes when you use this service to play and pay online!

The online casino players of Australia that have already tried the service have been greatly impressed by the zero registration process. That’s right! You do not need to register or sign up to use POLi. You will not be required to first fill out lengthy forms or to download specific software before you can make a simple transaction. More than this, since there is no sign up procedure, you will not disclose any sensitive personal information! That means that the risk of fraud is greatly reduced and the possibility of downloading potentially harmful malware or spyware is absolutely non-existent during this process.

How it works and how you can use it to play your favourite pokies game

The entire system works on a receipt or voucher basis that allows immediate access (due to the instant proof of payment and connected guarantee) from POLi to the supplier or in this case your favourite online Australian casino. It works by allowing you to purchase a voucher amount through direct access of your usual online banking system. It simply creates a platform for you to make online payments to any online casino (without having to share or enter your private information) by redirecting you to your online banking profile. None of your information will be recorded or shared and the process is easily put into effect by selecting it as a payment option when checking through the cashier section of your online casino.

More benefits and perks

POLi is a state of the art service that not only offers you top notch security and convenience but it also will not charge you to use it! You can make payments online without the use of a credit card, you will not have to endure a sign up process of any kind and you will receive immediate confirmation of your payment which means you can start playing straight away! More than this, your payment details will be automatically filled out for you so you don’t need to worry about entering the right account number or other details. It is a feast, simple and utterly secure process which makes online pokies a dream to play!